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For the last two decades, EQUiTOR has been at the forefront of bringing brands into the boardroom. Along with Interbrand, we pioneered the idea of leveraging Indian brand assets as Growth Accelerators.
A classic brand accelerator story
Titan originally mandated EQUiTOR to assign a defendable value to the Titan brand asset. The engagement was able to establish the financial value of the brand and isolate its enterprise value contribution at 62%. But most importantly, the pivotal insight was the excavation of the three value drivers - Currency of Design, Pleasure of Purchase, and Personalized Care. Founded on these was created two change programs viz. Way of Life and Futureshock. The first (Way of Life) was to ensure that the company was completely aligned with its most influential asset and hence with its three value drivers. The second (Futureshock) was to examine how much value the firm could unlock through diversifications that derived from these values drivers.

In sequence, these two programs resulted in a 3x bump in the 5-year plan, 94% of which was achieved. Which was Rs. 4900 cr out of the targeted 5100 cr, making Titan one of the first stand-alone billion-dollar firms in India at the time.

History of growth acceleration
Since we began in 2001, we have covered 275 client relationships across 28 categories, including sovereign governments and the development sector in India, Sri Lanka, the Far East, and the Middle East. EQUiTOR is the only Indian firm to be globally certified for its Brand Valuation and Brand Audit practices.
In 2021, India’s leading online business daily, The Mint, invited EQUiTOR as the knowledge partner to design and curate their inaugural Annual Marketing Awards. In 2022, with KPMG, we launched the India CX report, which rates nearly 300 firms for return on customer experience.
After two decades of accelerating growth from intangible assets, EQUiTOR is uniquely positioned to get a hungry firm with high standards to a very different place, basis an extraction, articulation, and institutionalisation of their WINNING TRAITS, or what we technically refer to as Value Drivers.

Some of the key issues that drive a disruptive growth engagement
What makes your firm unique? Why do your most loyal customers choose the firm over other options?
1. What is the firm’s “right to win“ in the market space that it currently occupies?
1. Can the firm use the same traits to occupy other spaces? Explore specific new needs? New customer segments? New markets?
2. How will this convert to a defined set of products/services?
3. How will we reposition the firm to define and appropriate its V2.0?
6. What do we need to change, install and institutionalise to breathe life into V 2.0

Who drives growth acceleration at EQUITOR ?
EQUiTOR has always been an eclectic combination of finance folks, consumer researchers, strategy buffs, transformation specialists, and Blue Ocean apostles. Above everything, they are bound by a single-minded drive to isolate and amplify the best version of any organisation they work with. The fastest and most efficient way to growth acceleration.
They have the habit of leaving you pondering a little about business as usual, from the very first time.

EQUiTOR was the first brand valuation company in India to be successfully audited and certified according to ISO 10668 "Brand valuation - Requirements for monetary brand valuation.
Dr. Holger Muehlbauer
ISO 10668 Auditor
The international standard ISO 10668 is the global reference for trustworthiness of monetary brand valuation methods. The ISO 10668 based certification program was developed under the auspices of Austrian Standards International. The neutral certification body certified that EQUiTOR's valuation procedures are ISO-compliant.
Dr. Holger Muehlbauer
ISO 10668 Auditor
Dr. Holger Muehlbauer, who audited EQUiTOR on behalf of Austrian Standards International welcomes the initiative of a voluntary certification.
Dr. Holger Muehlbauer
ISO 10668 Auditor
"The ISO standardization in brand valuation came about because of the lack of broadly recognized, uniform requirements. The motivation of developing ISO 10668 was to define, widely accepted, trustworthy and standardized requirements in particular for monetary brand valuation. ISO 10668 is the internationally authoritative standard for evaluating the monetary value of brands. ISO conformity assessment by the independent certifier Austrian Standards International enables brand valuation companies such as EQUiTOR to document their professionalism and affords them more authority in the competitive marketplace."
Dr. Holger Muehlbauer
ISO 10668 Auditor
Dr. Holger Muehlbauer, is Managing Director of an industry association in Germany and a former Managing Director of the German Institute for Standardization (DIN), the German counterpart of BIS - Bureau of Indian Standards. He served as secretary for the multinational ISO Committee that developed ISO 10668 in complex, consensus-based negotiations.
Dr. Holger Muehlbauer
ISO 10668 Auditor
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